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FCS 4370: Nutrition Research

Finding an article when you know the journal title

Has this ever happened to you?

A professor suggests that you look for articles in a specific journal.

You find an article on the Internet but the full text is not free.

You find an article in the reference list of another article.

In these cases, look up the title of the journal in the SPU Library Catalog to find out what our full text access is.

For example, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Image of library catalog search box

If we have access to the journal, you will see it in the catalog results indicated by the label "Journal." Click on the title to see what access we have. Choose the database that has the years you need. In the example below, if you wanted the most recent years, you would choose the Elsevier Science Direct link since we have access from 2002 to the present.


image of search results for online journal



 Look for a place to choose the year and then the issue or a place to search for a topic within that journal.


For some journals, we have online access to many years except the most recent. The most recent year might be found in hard copy at the Library. Look up the journal title in the SPU Library Catalog. If we have the journal in hard copy, it will say "Available at Seattle Pacific University periodicals."


Please ask me or another librarian if you need help finding articles.