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APA 7th Edition information

Watch the video below to learn how to format 5 basic resources based on the 7th Edition of the APA manual.

Watch the video below to learn about some of the changes to APA in the 7th edition.

APA Style Resources

Avoiding Plagiarism

To avoid inadvertent plagiarism, make sure you copy and paste the exact quote from a source and note the source right away. DO NOT WAIT.  Turn your working bibliography into an annotated bibliography.  Paraphrase or summarize what you glean from a source. Keep detailed notes on the source of  your information so you can find it again.

o When you commence writing a rough draft, make sure that when you make a claim, you support it with evidence in the form of other research, your own research, the writings of other experts in the field, etc. 

o To avoid inadvertent plagiarism, fill in the in-text citation right away. 

o To continue to avoid plagiarism, create a References list right away so you can keep track of the sources you cite.