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FCS 3875: Appearance and Culture

Research Paper Guidelines

Question Mark See Canvas for complete and up-to-date instructions

"You are to choose a phenomenon of interest related to dress and appearance specific to Seattle or a culture of choice. You are to create an interview schedule with no less than 5 questions that you think would inform your understanding of the motivations and lived experiences of your participants (this should be separate from your demographic questionnaire). You are to find 6 participants that fit into your research target market."

"You are to choose the top three themes that are most common in your participants’ responses and use these to shape your analysis and draw your conclusions. 


Your paper should be organized using the following structure:

  1. Introduction: What is your research topic and thesis? Why is your research investigation significant and timely? What can the reader expect to learn from your paper.
  2. Body:
    1. Literature Review: Find at least 10 sources related to your topic and present what research has been done previously to inform your research phenomenon.
    2. Method: What research method did you use? What questions did you ask and why? How did you go about finding six people to interview and why you chose them? What are the demographics of your participants?
    3. Data Analysis: Explain how you identified the three predominant themes and state what they are.  Analyze your data citing quotes from your participants that shed light on your findings.
  3. Conclusion:
    1. Discussion and Implications
    2. Further research that needs to be explored on your research topic.
    3. Closing thoughts