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Finding Full Text: SPU and Beyond (Fall 2020 version)

Google Scholar Button

The Google Scholar button is a browser button you can install for easy access to Google Scholar from any web page.  It can be used to find full text content available free on the web or from the SPU Library collection without leaving your current page.

Google Scholar Settings

To install Google Scholar Chrome extensions, go to Google Scholar, click on the hamberger icon (1) and select settings (2) and click the button (3) link.


Another option for finding full text online is Unpaywall.

Unpaywall finds open access journal articles from reputable sources on the Internet and helps users to access them for free. It is particularly helpful for researching in the sciences, like biology, health science, and nutrition, among others.

An Unpaywall plugin is available for Google Chrome.

Ask a Librarian

Having trouble finding what you need? Chat with an SPU Librarian during normal reference hours.

Find Full Text on Google Scholar

You can also link to SPU-mediated full text from within Google Scholar. To do so, you must be either on campus or logged in.

1) To begin, Click on a Google Scholar link in the A-Z List of SPU Library databases, and log in using your SPU username and password.  

Screenshot of A-Z Databases screen with the "G" menu selected and Google Scholar highlighted

Screenshot of SPU Library database list with the letter G highlighted and the link to Google Scholar highlighted.

2) Search as you would in regular Google. You should then see the Full-Text@SPU Library link to the right of the results of your search (in this case for the term filioque):

Google Scholar screenshot for a search on the term "filioque" including results list and Full-Text @ SPU links

Screenshot of Google Scholar results list with one article's citation and Full-Text@SPU Library link highlighted.

3) Click on the Full-Text@SPU Library link.  You will be taken to a Library Search web page with the View It tab opened. From there, simply click on the link to Full text and Sign in:

Screenshot of Library Search page with item information and viewing options highlighted.

Screenshot of the Library Search web page showing an article citation with a Fulltext available link below. Screenshot of the "View It" tab with sign-in and full text links highlighted.

4) If a hitch in the linkage occurs, then fall back on the steps to full text outlined in our Overview.  Keep in mind that full text on paper on the Library's Lower Level (which SPU will sometimes have) is not usually flagged by Google Scholar, as in the case of the Scottish Journal of Theology, below. Scans of articles in journal issues that SPU owns on paper can be requested via this Search Request Form.

Screenshot of Library item page with information about the journal's physical location highlighted.

Screenshot of a Google Scholar result for the Scottish Journal of Theology showing no full text available. Screenshot of the Scottish Journal of Theology in the SPU discovery system showing "Available at Seattle Pacific University Periodicals"

What if I don't see the link?

Go to the Google Scholar home page and click the Settings button that appears when you click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner.

Screenshot of Google Scholar with three lines icon and settings link highlighted.

Screenshot of Google Scholar menu screen with three lines icon and settings link highlighted.

In Settings, click Library links, and check to be sure that Seattle Pacific University - Full-Text@SPU Library is selected.  If it isn't, then run a search for Seattle Pacific University in the Search box under Show library access links for (choose up to five libraries):, select Seattle Pacific University - Full-Text@SPU Library, turn on cookies, and Save.

Screenshot of Google Scholar settings screen showing SPU as selected library for access links.

Screenshot of Google Scholar settings screen with three lines icon, settings heading and Library Links link highlighted. In search box, text reads "Seattle Pacific University" and box below reading Seattle Pacific University - Full-text @ SPU Library is checked.Save button in bottom right corner is highlighted.

Now when you search you should see some Full-Text@ SPU Library links on the right side of your results list, and be able to proceed as under Find Full Text on Google Scholar, above.