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HIS 4575 America in the 1960s: Finding Books

Search Strategies for Primary Sources plus Citation Information for History

Search Terms for Primary Sources

When searching for primary sources that are books, try these terms:

  • Memoir
  • Autobiography

Add a topical term like the examples below to get primary sources about that topic:

  • Vietnam War
  • politics
  • African-American
  • sixties


Summit is a group of 39 academic libraries in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho that share materials with each other.

  • Searching PRIMO will show items that are owned by Summit libraries.
  • You can request a Summit item using PRIMO.
  • When prompted, use your Banner information to log in and complete your request.
  • Requested items will be delivered to SPU in 3 to 5 business days.
  • Summit items can be checked out for 6 weeks but cannot be renewed.

Publication Dates

To get books published in the 1960s, use the Start and End Date fields:

Publication Dates

When searching for items published in the 1960s, you may need to use 1960s-era terms, such as "Negro" for African-American or Viet Nam instead of Vietnam.

More Information About a Book

To get a description of the book or to see the table of contents, click the Details tab:

Details Tab

In the example above, the text after "Description" is a list of chapters.

Beyond the SPU Library

Consider searching beyond the SPU Library for books. Use the dropdown to choose Summit or WorldCat:

Summit & World Cat