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WRI 2930: Pedagogies of Tutoring


From Dr. Moe's syllabus:

The entire course is building toward a Pedagogy Project that will somehow help future tutors with their conferencing practice.

The course is frontloaded fall quarter so that you will receive a heavy helping of practical advice for working with student writers; winter and spring will have theoretical readings to help you make steady progress on your pedagogy project. 

Fall quarter: At the end of the term, you’ll turn in a proposal for what you would like to explore in your Pedagogy Project winter and spring quarters. The goal of the pedagogy project is to create something future staff can use in their own practice. Your pedagogy project can be a paper, an addition to our website, a handout, or some other resource for the Studio. This proposal is the first step.

Late in winter quarter, you will turn in an annotated bibliography related to your proposal, and, the following week, a literature review that points toward what your contribution will be to the discussion already going on about your topic. During finals week, you'll turn in a new proposal, one revised based upon what you've learned this quarter from your research. 

Spring quarter, you will see your pedagogy project through multiple drafts toward completion.