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TRE 2340: Acting Fundamentals II


Theater Masks Be sure to read your syllabus carefully so that you know what is expected of you.

Make sure you know the assignment requirements and ask questions if you are unsure about what is expected of you.


From Professor Vance:

You are the professor! Choose one of the following on whom/which to report:

  • Shchepkin
  • Gogol
  • Moscow Art Theatre
  • Pushkin
  • Ribot
  • Boleslavsky
  • Ouspenskaya
  • Strasberg
  • Adler

Create a ten minute (maximum) dynamic presentation, including pertinent dates, biographical information and contribution to the art of Acting.

Include a Bibliography citing no less than five sources, one of which must be a primary source, and provide at least one video example of either the artist’s work or work that has been influenced by them.

Start Here!

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and PerformanceThe Oxford Encyclopedia of Performance

Start with this online resource. Use the search box on the left that says, "Search within work" to get accessible results just from this source.

Video for Oxford Encyclopedia