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THEO 4610 World Religions (Keuss D.)


Write an eight to ten page researched essay addressing a specific question/topic provided below or alternative question approved by me.  You will need to cite a minimum of 3 texts outside the required reading bibliography.

  1. Discuss the meaning and role of jihad (exertion/struggle) in Islamic scripture, culture and politics with attention to the differences among Islamic groups where appropriate.
  2. Describe the new religious movement and practices of Qigong and discuss the political stance the Chinese government has taken in response to the movement.
  3. Explain the teaching of sunyata (emptiness) in Buddhism and discuss how/why it is seminal to Buddhist practice.
  4. Trace the practice of meditation through one of the Buddhist schools and discuss its significance to that tradition.
  5. Discuss the significance of history (or ‘salvation history’, Heilsgeschichte) in defining and shaping the Jewish tradition.
  6. Discuss the Chinese expression wuwei (non-action) in context of Daoist philosophy and practice.
  7. Discuss the practice of and importance of pilgrimage in one of the religious traditions studied in this course.
  8. Locate bhakti-marga/bhakti-karma (the path of devotion) within the Hindu tradition both historically and theologically and discuss its significance as a soteriological path within the tradition.
  9. Discuss the doctrinal teachings and cultural traditions surrounding the role or place of women in one of the religious traditions studied in this course.
  10. Compare and contrast the theology of God in Christianity with that found in Islam or Judaism, or with the concept of Ultimate Reality found in the Buddhist tradition.