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MUS 2560: Intro to Music Therapy: Finding Articles When You Know the Journal Title


There are several ways to find articles using the SPU Library.

Sometimes a professor suggests that you look for articles in a specific journal. If you know the title of the journal that you want to search in, look it up in the SPU Library catalog to find out what our full text access is.

For example, The Journal of Music Therapy

library search box with journal of music therapy typed in



If we have access to the journal, you will see it in the catalog results. Click on "Online Access" to see what years we have online full text access to.

results of catalog search for journal of music therapy


Then you will see the databases that contain the full text articles of that journal along with the years of access.

list of full text options for journal of music therapy


Click on one of the databases for the year you need, then look for a place to choose that year and then the issue.

There will also be a place to search for a topic within that journal.

Search Within This Publication



For some journals, like The Journal of Music Therapy, we have online access to many years except the most recent. The most recent year is found in hard copy at the Library.

Click on the results screen where it says "Available at Seattle Pacific University Library" to see what years we have in print. An open-ended date range such as the one shown below indicates that this is a current subscription so we should have the latest issues.

details of physical copies of journal of music therapy at library



Please ask me or another librarian if you need help finding articles.