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FCS 3710: Housing and Community

Guide to Finding Sources for Research Paper

Assignment Excerpt -- See Dr. Hartje's Assignment Sheet for Full Details

Question Mark Covid-19 has highlighted and negatively impacted some aspects of housing for individuals and families (hhlds) in the Seattle area (or county or state). These categories all have housing issues related to them:

  • racism and discrimination
  • evictions, affordability and homelessness; and
  • the future of residential design.
  • Are there other categories?

Many people became aware of the negative impact that Covid-19 had on housing, wanted to know more about it and what they could do to contribute to a solution. The issues all have policy and funding implications and the outcome for structural issues can be influenced by individuals and groups. Why should people participate?


Books   Resources to answer the questions (apply to whole paper): 

  • Books may provide background information or a historical perspective on the issue.
  • Government documents or reports
  • Newspaper articles (from the appropriate years)
  • Organizations


Eight (8) different sources are required for the whole paper, with the inclusion of:

  • News articles from reputable news sources (New York Times, the Atlantic, the Economist, the Seattle Times, Crosscut, etc.)
  • Online sources from .org and .gov (government or other agency reports, articles, studies, etc.)
  • Academic journal articles and/or book references may address the underlying issue, but will not address the current issue as it is too recent for publication in these sources
  • May use course text, supplemental readings and media, as appropriate.


References (provided for each part of paper when submitted, cumulative in the final draft)

• the content must be in your own words. If that is not possible, use appropriate methods for citations.
• the title for this section is References and it is on its own page
• for in-text citations and references (every in-text citation needs to be in the reference list; and every item in the reference list needs to be cited in the text)
• use APA format
• single space within and double space between references; with hanging indentations