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ENG 3339: United States Latinx Literature

Informative Speech Assignment

From Professor McFarlane Harris' assignment:

For this assignment you will give a 5-minute informative speech on a Latinx poet you have been
assigned from the “U.S. Latinx Voices in Poetry” collection via the Poetry Foundation website.

Sources: You must have at least 5 and no more than 10 critical sources (may also include a
couple of popular sources) in your MLA style bibliography (critical sources = biography, history,
or literary criticism: works you consulted in order to compose your speech; these minimum/
maximum #s are not counting the poems or poetry collections by your poet, which should also
be listed in your bibliography).

Read the entire assignment and be sure to get any questions answered so that you can be confident about fulfilling the expectations and meeting the learning outcomes.

You should gather about two to three times as many sources as you are required to have so that you can choose what best fits. Don't satisfice!

"Satisfice is a combination of the words satisfy and suffice. Herb Simon (1957) coined the term to explain how individuals often settle for whatever can be accomplished within specific, predetermined criteria based on the context and situation of the need. In other words, individuals often settle for “good enough” instead of pursuing the optimal solution if convenience outweighs the benefit.  Connaway, L.S., & Faniel, I.M. (2014). Reordering Ranganathan: Shifting user behaviors, shifting priorities." - From the Carl S. Swisher Library at Bethune-Cookman University


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