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ENG 3004: Literature, Gender and Sexuality

Keyword Informative Speech Assignment

Below is an excerpt from the complete assignment which is on Canvas. Read the entire assignment so you know all the expectations and requirements. Get your questions answered early on in your process!

 In 7th week of the quarter, each of you will deliver a 5-minute informative speech on a single keyword from our common textbook: Keywords for Gender and Sexuality Studies (Feminist Editorial Collective, NYU Press, 2021). (Note: You will have some choice in which keyword you present on, but ultimately your keyword will be assigned by the professor so that there are no duplicate presentations.) For this assignment you will need to do some outside research, finding related scholarly and popular sources about the term in question, in order to compose your speech.

Oxford English Dictionary

Try looking up your term in the Oxford English Dictionary. This will give you a simple snapshot of your term's meaning and origin, using quotes throughout time.

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