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ECN/POL 4310 International Political Economy


Dialogue Day Presentation

  • Pick a group topic area: Modern Day Slavery; Climate Change and/or the Environment; Health Care and/or Refugees; Immigration and/or Migration
  • Narrow down your topic area to a dialogue question and choose a different role for each group member: Economic Liberalism; Mercantilism; Marxism/Structuralism; Feminism; Constructivism; Islam

Annotated Bibliography of at least 10 sources

  • 5 peer-reviewed journal sources
  • 5 additional appropriate sources, which are:
    • peer-reviewed journal
    • primary or government document from a credible source
    • primary document produced by a think tank (e.g.) Brookings Institute (left) or Heritage Foundation (right)
    • trustworthy news source from (e.g.) New York Times, BBC, Al Jazeera, etc.

Citation in APA, MLA, or APSA