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BUS 3250 Business Finance: Beavers: Get Started

Presentation Questions to Answer

  1. Qualitative description of the industry. (IBISWorld)
  2. Biggest challenges moving forward for the industry as a whole. (IBISWorld)
  3. Biggest players in terms of revenue share and market share. Who is growing the most? The least? (IBISWorld; Mergent Online)
  4. Describe the industry via Porter’s 5 forces(IBISWorld; Business Source Complete)
  5. Describe the industry via PESTLE analysis with current issues and impact on the business. (Business Source Complete; Wall Street Journal)
  6. Past, ongoing, new, or potential forthcoming ethical/moral issues in the industry. (Business Source Complete; ATLA)

Paper Questions to Answer

  1. Describe your company in the context of the industry as a whole. (Mergent Online; IBISWorld; Business Source Complete)
  2. Companies’ growth rates of total revenue and net income. Compare to the industry? (Mergent Online; IBISWorld)
  3. Looking at the common-size financial statements, how is your company doing? Reasons why the company is doing well/ok/bad. (Mergent Online; IBISWorld)
  4. Look at your company’s ratios and compare them to the industry. Areas of improvement? Areas of concern? (Mergent Online; IBISWorld)
  5. Look at the company’s dividends. Choose a stock pricing model and determine if you would buy, sell, or hold the company’s stock. (Mergent Online; Wall Street Journal)
  6. Data on the company’s debt and preferred stock, in order to estimate weighted average cost of capital. (Mergent Online)

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