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POL 3670 and POL 3330: Get Started

Searching Tools and Strategies plus Citation Information for Political Science

POL 3670 - Your Assignment

12-page paper

--12-15 sources; 10 sources must be peer-reviewed

--You are an issue- or country- specialist in the State Department

--The current administration has approached you for advice regarding the direction of US foreign policy in your area of expertise

--You are to write a formal statement (paper) of your advice and recommendations

Your research may include:

--PAST US policy and interaction with your country / topic

--PAST history of how your country / topic fits into US foreign policy in the region (if a country) or with regard to the global challenge (if a topic)

--PRESENT US policy and interaction with your country / topic

--PRESENT situations / issues / challenges

--PRESENT range of opinion between the White House, the State Department, the military, Congress, the press, the public, etc.

--PRESENT expectations of the US regarding this country / topic from other countries and international organizations (UN, Europe, China, world)

------What do the countries of the region want from the US regarding your country?

------What do the global actors in the issue want from the US regarding your topic?


POL 3330 - Your Assignment


  • Poverty and Governmental Decision Making 
  • The Economy and Education
  • Health and Media 
  • Human Rights
  • Girls' Rights 
  • War and Violence 
  • Religion and the Environment 


  • Narrow down your topic to a dialogue QUESTION
  • As you conduct your RESEARCH, choose a different role for each person in your group, according to the roles that best represent all sides of your narrowed topic/question
  • Your research will include at lease SEVEN appropriate sources - ones that are:
    • peer-reviewed journal articles
    • primary or government documents from credible sources
    • and/or news articles from trustworthy organizations such as the New York Times


Resources You Will Need





--Journal Articles


--Government websites

You've Got This!

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