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WRI 1100: Reinsma: Books and Articles

Finding the Full Text from a Citation

Sometimes you get a citation like the one below from a professor or an article's bibliography and you want to find the full text. Follow these steps.

Vasile, Adelina. "Subjectivity and Space in Haruki Murakami’s Fictional World." Euromentor Journal vol. 3, no. 1, 2012, pp. 112-31.

1. Look up the journal title in the SPU Library Catalog. In this case the journal title is Euromentor Journal.

2. In the results list, look for the title of the journal with the label, "journal."

3. Click on "Online Access"

4. Choose the link that has the year you need.

5. Navigate to the year and issue you need in the system you chose in #4.

6. Find the article in the list of articles for that issue.

(For an explanation with visuals, other examples, and tips, see this subject guide)

Finding Books

Search with keywords from your topic in the SPU Catalog for books


You will also be searching our consortium catalog (Summit) -- books that you request (for free!) through Summit will arrive at SPU in 3-5 business days.

In the results list, you will see print books, eBooks, and DVDs at SPU plus additional items that you can request from other libraries (these will say "Check Holdings")

Image of search results pointing out type of item and availability

Once you find something relevant, click on the title for more information. You can then see the subjects, a description, and the table of contents. All this information can help you decide whether the book is relevant and whether you need the entire book or just a chapter.

image of details of a Murakami book


Finding Articles

Search with keywords from your topic in the SPU Databases for articles.

Open "Academic Search Complete".

Click on "Choose Databases" above the search boxes.

Check the box for these databases:

MLA Bibliography

Humanities Abstracts 

Hit "okay" and go back to your search screen and start with a broad keyword search, putting different terms in separate boxes

Look on the left side of the results screen for limits

See if there are "subjects" or "descriptors" that can help you focus in on your topic


Contact me for help with choosing the right databases


image of academic search complete search boxes pointing out choose databases link


Another key database for literature research, is the Literature Resource Center which is also linked to from the Article & Databases page.




Where is the actual article?

  • Full-text HTML or PDF in the database
  • Click on “Check for full-text”
  • In print or on microfilm at the SPU Library (“SPU holds this title”)
  • University of Washington
  • Inter Library Loan

Please contact me or another librarian if you are having difficulty obtaining the full text of an article.

Google Scholar

Choose Google Scholar from the SPU Articles & Databases page to be connected to full text when available through the SPU Library system.

image of a Google Scholar search result showing the Full text from S P U Library link