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THEO 3331 Women in Christianity (Smythe)

People have been named after biblical figures for centuries.  For this reason it is important to know how to focus in on books (and articles) on a biblical woman while eliminating the many books (and articles) on women named after her or at least bearing her name.  Thus, Mary is so common that a search for Mary in the Subject field will return absolutely everyone named Mary about whom a book has been written.  Whereas the official Library of Congress Subject Heading for the mother of Jesus is Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint, and a Subject search on that should focus in on the mother of Jesus to the exclusion of all others (though that by itself will not eliminate fiction, juvenile literature, merely popular or quackish material, and so forth; for help with some of that, use the facets in the left-hand column or see Steve Perisho).  One common qualifier is (Biblical figure), as in Miriam (Biblical figure) or Junia (Biblical figure).  But there are others, for example Sarah (Biblical matriarch) or Mary Magdalene, Saint.  Thus, it will be important to identify the correct one for use in Subject (as opposed to Keyword) searches.

But you should search in other ways than by Subject as well, for example by passage, as outlined here (Old Testament) or here (New Testament).