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WRI 1100: Purcell: The New York Times


Photograph of a newspaper and cup of coffee The Seattle Pacific campus receives The New York Times every weekday during Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters. You will see these issues around campus. They are free.


The New York Times makes content available online for free with some restrictions. Basically, you can access 5 articles per month for free on each device.

Students can subscribe to the New York Times online for a low weekly price. Check the student subscription page for current rates and deals.


Here is access information from The New York Times FAQ's page (

3. What if I don't want to subscribe — can I still read for free?

Visitors can enjoy 5 free articles (including blog posts, slide shows and other multimedia features) each month on Your free, limited access resets at the beginning of each calendar month.

NYTimes apps are free to download and install, and include some free content.



To find the opinion pieces by your columnist, click on "Opinion" then choose your columnist from the drop down menu.

Image of New York Times mast head with opinion link highlighted



Image of the Opinion page with the columists drop down menu highlighted



You can also search for a topic to see everything your columnist has written on this topic. When you have your columnist's page open, use the search feature. Sort your results by date or relevance.

Image of columnist search results





To search for editorials and opinion pieces by all authors, click on the search icon on the top of the page. Then, type in keywords.

On the results page, look for the "Opinion" limit under "Section." This will narrow your search to editorials, op-ed pieces, and letters. You can also limit by time period.





The SPU Library has a current subscription to the print edition of The New York Times for every day of the week and keeps two months worth of papers. These issues are found in the Reading Room which is immediately on the right after you enter the building.

The Seattle Pacific campus receives The New York Times every weekday during Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters. You will see these around campus. They are free.



Current students have free unlimited access to The New York Times from 1980 to the present through the database, New York Times Index.

Access the index through the SPU Library's Databases A-Z page:

Put your keywords or phrase in the search boxes as relevant, then choose "commentary," "editorial," and/or "letter to the editor" from the "Document Type" section further down the search page. You could also add an author's name to the second search box.




As an SPU student, you are eligible for a Seattle Public Library card. Apply here!

SPL has full online access to The New York Times for free with your activated library card. Their access goes back further than SPU's so if you need the historical archive, this is the place to search.

Follow these directions for finding a specific newspaper title through the SPL system.

Use the same basic searching directions as for SPU's New York Times Index described above.