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WRI 1100: Purcell: Books & Articles


Finding Books


Search the SPU Library Catalog for books. Think about keywords that relate to your issue.

For example, if you are interested in how the affordable housing situation has developed over time, you might type in: affordable housing policy.

Be flexible with your keywords!

Another search for low-income housing policy will bring back some of the same results, but also some different ones.

Use the "Get It," "View It," and "Details" links when you get your results for more information about the book and ways to obtain it.

Items with an orange dot can be requested from Summit, our consortium.

Ask me or another librarian if you need help with searching for, finding, or obtaining books.



Finding Articles

Articles can provide you with specific information such as studies, expert opinion, and current news that you will use to analyze and support  claims.

For example, maybe you are wondering whether children have difficulty in school if they are not in a stable housing environment. You could look for articles that investigate this and then refer to the results in your paper.

Where are the articles?

  • To find articles in journals, magazines and newspapers, search in the  Library Databases which are huge collections of articles most of which are not available for free on the internet.


Which database should I use?

  • Open up Academic Search Premier
  • Depending on your topic, you might want to add another database to your search.
    • Click on "Choose Databases" above the search boxes.
    • Check the box for the databases you want to add. For example, for the topic mentioned above, add ERIC and Education Full Text which deal with education.
    • Hit "okay" and go back to your search screen
    • Sometimes you might not be sure which databases to use; you can choose them all!

Choose Databases

How do I search?

Search for articles using various keywords in separate search boxes. For example a search using the three search terms, children, academic achievement, homelessness would bring back results that show how being homeless affects a child's success in school.

Be flexible with your keywords!

Doing an additional search using the terms homeless children and elementary school will bring back a different set of relevant results.



Where is the actual article?

  • Full-text HTML or PDF in the database
  • Click on “Check for full-text”
  • In print or on microfilm at the SPU Library (“SPU holds this title”)
  • University of Washington
  • Inter Library Loan

Ask me or another librarian if you are having difficulty obtaining the full text of an article.