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WRI 1100: Beers

WRI 1100:Beers

STEP 5:Use Search Engines to Find Information on the Internet

Use the Internet to find resources

Some tricks to limit your searches using Google:

  • Use quote marks around phrases to keep words together
  • Use limiters site:gov or site:edu 
    • For example: digital devices site:gov (this will limit the sites returned to government sites)
  • Use limiter file:pdf to limit results to pdf files (portable document files)
    • For example: digital devices:pdf returns results that are pdf documents
  • Use intitle: reading comprehension to limit results to sites that have that phrase in the title
  • Use quote marks around phrases to keep the words together.
    • For example: "digital devices" returns sites that have that exact phrase
  • Use the AROUND proximity operator 
    • For example: typing "digital devices" AROUND(3) "ereaders" returns sites where the two phrases are separated by 3 or less words. **This does not work in Microsoft Academic

For more google operators, click here


Google Scholar


Yippy - a clustering search engine