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WRI 1100: Beers

WRI 1100:Beers

STEP 2: Types of Resources and Keywords

2. What type of resources do you need to use for your research project?

  • generate a list of types of resources 
    • Primary - firsthand knowledge, eye witness (newspapers, research articles, field research, photographs, letters, speeches)
    • Secondary - analysis or report on research done by others (books, review articles, encyclopedias, magazines, journals, Wikipedia)
    • Tertiary - indexes, almanacs, bibliography, provide overview of topic
  • generate a list of where you would go to find these types of resources (librarians, databases, professors, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • using your research question, generate an arsenal of descriptive keywords and keyword phrases. For example:
    • digital devices
    • handheld devices
    • reading comprehension
  • examples of not helpful keywords or keyword phrases: computer, reading, reading practices, etc. These are too general.

BEAM - Types of Resources








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Keyword Exercise - Create an Arsenal of Keywords