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UCOL 1000: Huff - Peace and Conflict Resolution: Articles

General databases

Other databases and search engines

Finding articles in databases

For effective searching it is important to understand the difference between Keyword searching and Subject Term searching in databases.

  • Keyword searching asks the search engine to look for every article that has the keywords in it, so an article may, or may not, be on the subject you are interested in researching.
  • Controlled Vocabulary searching (using Descriptors or Subjects) asks the search engine to look for every article that is related to the concept represented by the Controlled Vocabulary you are using.

VIDEOS on Finding quality articles in databases 10-12 minutes each

Learning outcomes: by the end of these 2 screencasts, you will:

  • know how to find education focused subject guides
  • apply database search strategies modeled to:
    • narrow your search
    • perform concept searches versus keyword searches
    • search in a more sophisticated manner
    • be able to identify quality academic articles
    • know the steps to finding the full text of an article