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UCOL 1000: Huff - Peace and Conflict Resolution: Get Started

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this Library Session/Subject Guide students will have:

  • located at least 1 article for the Peace Literacy Autobiography assignment
  • used the library's discovery system to locate books on their topic
  • learned about resources for formatting their paper according to APA 

Library website, finding books, and Summit @ 4 minutes

Learning Outcome: by the end of this screencast, you will have learned some basics about the library web site. (6:41)

Assignments (from the syllabus)

4.   Conflict Resolution Autobiography: Conducting library research, find one article on the topic of conflict resolution. Bring to class a summary of the article, a citation in APA form (see The Everyday Writer), and a description of what you learned from the article and how it agrees or disagrees with the content we have discussed so far in class. For your final paper, you will write a conflict resolution autobiography (3-5 pages not including your cover page and references) answering the questions:  

  • How have you personally handled conflicts?
  • How have other people around you handled conflicts? 
  • Which of the readings from our class (assigned readings and articles found in the Academic Search Complete database) best match the lessons you have learned?
  • Set goals for future conflict resolution strategies based on your reflections and findings. 

This will be due on November 16th. Your paper should have a cover page with the title of your paper, your name, date and the class number (UCOL 1000). It should also include in-text citations and a reference list in APA style.  You will need a minimum of 2 sources (books or articles) for your paper.