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Ready, Prep, Go: Books to help along the way!

Ready, Prep, Go!: Time Management

Head into the new school year ready to make the most of your time. Check out the books below to learn how to manage your time and resposibilities in your personal and professional life! 

Ready, Prep, Go!: Achieving Goals

Heading into a new year often inspires many to take time to reflect on the blessings and challenges of the past year and possibilities of the coming year. It is also the time when people set goals to improve their lives. Regardless of what your goal or "resolution" is, you will need motivation and hard work to acheive your personal and professional aspirations. Check out the following library books on maintatining the discipline needed to achieve your goals!

Ready, Prep, Go!: Healthy Eating

As final exams approach, it can be tempting to eat poorly and unhealthily. BUT, junk food and  energy drinks are not foods which optimize brain performance. Memory health is best when you eat a varied diet low in fats and high in fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains  [1]. It is possible to ace your finals AND maintain your long term health. Learn more with these books!

Ready, Prep, Go!: Enjoy the Outdoors

Seattle offers many outdoor activities. Here are some resources to help you start exploring. Get ready to walk, hike, and bike!

Ready, Prep, Go!: Communication

Everyday our words and actions communicate to those around us. Through our communication, we shape and are shaped by our friendships, families, cultures, generations, and environments. Ever wonder why it is easier to understand and talk with some people than others? Learn how communication influences and gain awareness of your communication patterns.

Ready, Prep, Go!: Seattle

Welcome to Seattle. You are in for a treat! Seattle is known for its love of reading. Discover the city through great books set here in Seattle. Discover women who joined the Gold Rush, cheer as UW's rowing team wins Olympic Gold, fall in love in the International District during World War II, discover corruption behind the World's Fair, enjoy life from the perspective of man’s best friend,  and laugh as you search for an eccentric mother.