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FCS 3240: Ind. & Fam. Development


You may need to find data, statistics, illustrations, and examples to provide evidence for your points.

Find this information using:

Government Websites

Organization Websites

Think Tanks

Government Websites

Government agencies collect a huge amount of data that they make available online for free.

When searching for data and statistics, add "" to your keyword search in Google to limit to government sites.

Also,  figure out the agency that would collect statistics for your topic and search directly on their site.

For example:

Healthcare -

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) FastStats

USDA Food & Nutrition (includes SNAP & WIC)

 Education -

National Center for Education Statistics

The Nation's Report Card

  Income/Population/Housing -

      United States Census


Organization Websites

Add "" to your keyword search in Google to limit to organizational web sites.  

For example, the search "death penalty", brings back:

Death Penalty Information Center: DPIC

Death Penalty | Amnesty International

Remember to evaluate websites for their accuracy, currency, and  credibility. Please ask if you are unsure about a website.