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Finding Full Text: SPU and Beyond: Home

Use this guide to find out how to get the full text of desired books and articles.

Finding Full Text: A Summary

Step 1:  Find citation, using a database or index, or even the SPU Library's discovery system.

Step 2:  Determine whether you're looking at the citation of

  • an essay in a book.  If the citation of an essay in a book, then search the SPU Library's discovery system (set to SPU Library + Summit) for the book, and either pull it off the shelf at SPU or Login and Place Summit request (or, if necessary, Request Interlibrary Loan from within Libraries Worldwide, i.e. WorldCat).
  • an article in a periodical (journal, magazine).  If the citation of an article in a periodical, then follow the remaining steps below:

Immediate Access via the SPU Library or the Internet

Step 3:  Look for an indication of the presence of full-text (for example an icon indicating PDF or HTML).  (SPU and other full text indexed by Google Scholar will appear in that venue, too, if accessed via SPU database lists.)

Step 4:  Check For Full Text = Search for the periodical containing an article in the SPU Library's discovery system.  Should the former fail you, Check For Full Text is the equivalent of the latter, that is, an Advanced Search for the journal (not article)  title in the SPU Library's discovery system.  Thus, Title contains "Scottish journal of theology", limited to Material Type:  Journals and Search Scope:  SPU Library:

This will tell you if the Library subscribes to or holds the periodical (and which issues of it) in

Step 5:  Look for the periodical homepage over the Internet.  Some respectable journals make at least some back issues available at no charge from their own websites.

Access within 1 day via a Seattle Library

Step 6:  Consult the catalog of another library here in Seattle, for example those of the University of Washington and Seattle University, or the Seattle or King County public library systems.  It may be that you can get what you need in an hour or two by making a quick trip across town.

Access within 3-21 days via InterLibrary Loan

Step 7:  Request via Interlibrary Loan = Request the article (or essay) via InterLibrary Loan.  To do this, click within an SPU database on Request via Interlibrary Loan or proceed to the manual InterLibrary Loan form.  Most (though not all) items requested via InterLibrary Loan become available within a few days.

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Can't find what you need? The purpose of this guide is to help you locate the full-text of items you need using the following tools:

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