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Education Doctoral Students: APA

Dissertation Resources

Other APA Resources

APA Style

APA Video on how to format basic resources @ 8 minutes

Watch the video below to see how to format the following types of resources in your References section:

  • book
  • chapter in an edited book
  • journal article
  • journal article with DOI

Article by One Author

Antilla-Garza, J. (2015). Embodying justice: Supporting teacher candidates with disabilities. 

            ALICATE Journal, 12(1), 73-91.

Article by Two Authors in a Journal with Continuous Pagination

Tyler, A., & Nagy, W. (1989). The acquisition of English derivational morphology.

        Journal of Memory and Language, 28, 649-667.


Article by Three Authors With a DOI

Nagy, W. E., Herman, P. A., & Anderson, R. C. (1985). Learning words from context. 

          Reading Research Quarterly, 20(2), 233-253.

Article by More Than Seven Authors and Continuous Pagination

​Miller, F. H., Choi, M. J., Angeli, L. L., Harland, A. A., Stamos, J. A., Thomas, S. T., ... Rubin, L. H. (2009). Web site usability for the blind

             and low-vision user.  Technical Communication, 57, 323-335.