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Teacher Leadership : Books

Call Numbers

Spine Labels with Library of Congress numers

Library of Congress classification system

Not sure what the call letters mean when doing a catalog search? Click on the Library of Congress Classfication image below to access the free website.

Library of Congress Classification

Text Instruction on Finding Books Using Primo

Step 1: On the main page of the library web site, click on the Sign in (for better results) hyperlink.

Library Sign in

Step 2:  Click on the Advanced Search hyperlink.

Step 3: On the Advanced Search page, type a few unique keywords into the search boxes. For example, try teacher leadership. Then select "SPU Library + Summit" from the "Search Scope" drop down menu. Click SEARCH.

Step 3 : On the right, under Refine My Results, you can refine the search options. To find out more information on a title, click on the hyperlinked title to see details.

Teacher Leadership Books

VIDEO Finding Books Using Primo, the Library's Search Engine

Learning Outcomes: by the end of this screencast, you will know how to:

  • use Primo, the library's search engine, to find books
  • how to refine your results in Primo
  • request books from the Summit catalog, consortium of 39 universities and colleges in the Pacific Northwest