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E-books at the SPU Library: Accessing E-books

Guide to accessing and using e-books owned by the SPU Library

E-book Topics


When logging in to view an E-book, use your SPU e-mail credentials

Accessing and Reading an E-book

Step 1: Enjoy the e-book by clicking “View It” and selecting the full text available option.

View it: tab highlighted

*screenshot of book in SPU Primo entitled Everyone Eats with View It tab open to show full text available link

Step 2: This will take you to the e-book where you will have options of reading online and downloading. E-books can be downloaded for a 1-21 day check-out period. This will allow you to read the book on devices and in areas without WiFi. The book will disappear from your device at the end of the checkout period.

Note: different e-book publishers give different options for their e-books. To see more information on particular publishers, click the following links:

ProQuest Ebook Central

EBSCO E-books

Taylor & Francis E-books

Wiley E-books


Help/FAQ to other common publishers not listed above: