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BIO 3351 Microbiology: Get Started

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Selecting possible Microbe/Disease Combinations

When you are in the library during your lab section on March 28 - your primary objective will be to create a list of 5 or more possible organism/disease pairings that you would be interested in researching over the course of the quarter.  Here are a few starting points for finding possible topics:

As you search, remember you will want find two citations for each Disease/Organism pairing.

Assignment due Thursday, March 29:
You will need to provide the following to your TA during your Thursday lab session (two page maximum, typewritten only - no handwritten copies accepted):

  1. Name, lab section, TA name
  2. For each of the five disease topics you select include:
  • Disease name
  • Organism name
    • for bacteria, parasites, fungi give Genus species, for example Staphylococcus aureus
    • ​for viruses give Genus (or Family is no genus is available) and common name. For example,

      Orthohepadnavirus: Hepatitis B Virus (check here for viral taxonomy).

    • for prion diseases you may want to check with the professors for the correct nomenclature

  • Description of main symptoms
  • Two citations (In any standard citation style, although this is a good time to practice CSE) that contain reliable information on your disease topic.

It is important to have the full and correct organism nomenclature, as described above, when signing up for your topic.

References Checklist

Once you have found the resources you plan to cite in the text of your poster, please check them against this list to make sure they are appropriate for this assignment. 

  • I have at least 5 references for the text in my poster AND they
    • meet the date requirements:
      • 3 references are less than 5 years old (publication date of 2010 or newer)
      • 2 references are less than 10 years old (publication date of  2005 or newer)
    • meet the format requirements:
      • 2 references are research, clinical or review article of at least 5 pages in length from peer-reviewed journals
      • 1 reference is from the Reference Books page of this guide
  • Any Internet references used in the text of my poster come from the approved list.
  • Both in-text citations and references are in CSE (Council of Science Editors) Citation-Name format
  • All images have a title, description, and citation as outlined in the Citation Style - CSE page of this guide