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WRI 1100: Holmes, Laura: Identify Literary Criticism


According to the assignment sheet, you are to find "An article (from a journal) or an essay (from a book) that analyzes the novel or short story that you read (minimum one argument source; preferably two)."  To find an essay in a book, use either 1) the Library discovery system (as demonstrated), or 2) one or more of the many indexes listed in the boxes below.  To find an article in a journal use 2) one or more of the many indexes listed in the boxes below.

Here is an example of a search of the Library discovery system that turns up an essay overlooked by the important literature index MLA International Bibliography, below:

Nonetheless, the indexes listed below will return much more of relevance.  For example, this Subject search was run in the MLA International Bibliography.  Note that it returns 19 articles and essays on J. R. R. Tolkien's "Leaf by niggle":

For a list of the many relevant indexes, see the boxes below.

For help FInding the Full Text, go to the bottom of this page.

SPU & Open-Access

SPU databases will link to SPU full-text quite automatically.  Those on the open Web will not.  So use the latter (Google Scholar only excepted) in conjunction with Finding the Full Text.

Start with the MLA International Bibliography (no. 1 below) and maybe the ATLA Religion Database (no. 3 below).  Indeed, those may be all you need for this assignment.

University of Washington

Book-length analysis


For more (non course-specific) help with the mechanics of searching both Primo (SPU Library + Summit) and WorldCat (Libraries Worldwide), see the document below:


Finding the Full Text (books and "book articles" or essays)