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WRI 1100: Holmes, Laura: Get Help with a Theological Theme

Dictionaries & encyclopedias of theology & Dictionaries of theological terms

According to the assignment sheet, you are to "sum up . . . in two or three key words" any claims about the Christian faith made by the novel or short story you're studying, and then look those (or related) key words up "in an encyclopedia or dictionary about Christianity."  What follows is a short list of such encyclopedias or dictionaries, with call numbers.  Use the call numbers to locate them in the Reference Collection on the Main Level of the Library, and feel free to browse around in that same general area of the Reference Collection for more.  Here, for example, is the top third of the first page of Rowan Williams' entry on the key word "Resurrection" in the Oxford companion to Christian thought, located at REF BR95 .O94 2000:

Dictionaries & encyclopedias of the Bible, but especially biblical theology

As above, but for the Bible.  See only pp. 6-8 of the very long and complicated handout to which I link below.  Here, for example, is the first two-thirds of the fourth page of P. S. Johnston's entry on the key phrase "Death and resurrection" in the New dictionary of biblical theology, located at REF BS440 .N437 2000:

Dictionaries and encyclopedias of the Bible online