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WRI 1100: Ediger: Get Started


Your assignment:  Write a 12-15 page research paper on the topic of refugees and/or internally displaced peoples.

Your research:

  • Find at least 12 sources on your topic
  • Of the 12 source, at least 8 must be peer-reviewed
  • Write a literature review covering these 12 sources
  • Find a “gap in the literature” where the research falls short, or is missing answers to key questions about your topic
  • Write a proposal for how you will fill in the missing information through:
    • Direct field research
    • Looking at data gathered by other researchers
    • Further searching the peer-reviewed literature
  • Conduct further research in order to find the missing answers

Research Steps

Types of resources to consult:

  • Encyclopedias for a short scholarly overview of your topic
  • Books for a longer scholarly examination of your topic
  • Journal Articles for current research being done on your topic
  • News Sources for the latest information concerning your topic
  • U.S. and International Government Websites for legal and political information on your topic

Methods to focus your search results:

  • Limit your results by publication date
  • Limit your results by doing subject searches
  • Limit your search to peer-reviewed articles
  • Limit your search to full-text articles

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