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THEO 6952 Burning Issues Steele: Vices, Virtues, Vocations, and Videos: Books

Theology and Philosophy Librarian

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Steve Perisho
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There are at least two major strategies for searching the discovery system (or any library catalog) for books on a film:  1) by Library of Congress Subject Heading, and 2) by Keyword.

What follows is an example of a search 1) by official Library of Congress Subject Heading.  Note that the title of the film is followed (in the subject field) by (Motion picture).  Note also that a search for the film The seventh seal must conducted in the original Swedish:  Sjunde inseglet (Motion picture):

But you can also search for books that (don't consist of but) contain commentary on a film by searching the keyword or Any field somewhat as follows:

Note that this search returns 75 rather than just 5 results, and that, though the item that came to the top above comes to the top also here, this search returns also books that contain only a chapter or subsection on the film, such as, for example, this one: