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THEO 4610 World Religions (Keuss D.)

Searching the Library Discovery System

Go to the Library Discovery System and Sign in.  If you do not Sign in, you will not be able to request books via Summit Borrowing, and you will want to be able to do that, because SPU's collection on the world religions is limited. Signing in on the Library home page:

Signing in under Advanced Search:

To identify relevant introductions to your world religion, add one or more Keywords Likely to Elicit Introductory Material (for example introduc*) to your search of the Library Discovery System, being sure to try different terms, fields, and so forth, as demonstrated in class.  This search is limited to what is owned by SPU, and, as a consequence, returns only 32 items:

This search, by contrast, encompasses Summit holdings, and, so, returns 406 items:


Try also some of the narrower terms suggested on the assignment sheet, for example jihad:


Some of the terms you try will not occur in the Subject field.  So try Title or Any instead (or alternative terms; or resort to the tab labelled Find Articles):

Keywords Likely to Elicit Introductory Material