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THEO 3500/6952 Theology and Hip-Hop: Find Articles

Subject Librarian

Find Articles

To find articles on theology (or the Christian faith) and hip-hop, you must think in terms of the disciplines that would be interested in the sub-topic you've chosen, and search their databases (just for example, the theology databases, or the music databases).

Do keep in mind, however, that because hip-hop is a profoundly multi-disciplinary topic, you would be hard-pressed to come up with a specialized database entirely devoid of the slightest interest in that topic.  There are even more such at the University of Washington (which, however, you must be on that campus to use), but depending on your angle of approach, consider starting with some of the databases listed under one or more of the following rubrics here at SPU:

as well as the two major multi-disciplinary databases listed at the top of the page here (Academic Search Complete and Research Library Complete), among others.