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THEO 3260 Biblical Topics: War & Peace (Nienhuis): Books

The Library's Discovery System

To identify books on your topic, run both Subject and Keyword (including Any and Title) field searches in the Library's discovery system.  Here I combine words from some official subject headings (below), (war OR warfare) AND aspects (to get at either Moral and ethical aspects, or Religious aspects), with the keywords jus OR ius in the Any field.  Note that no. 3 on my list is already referring very obviously to the question of "post war justice," often called ius or jus post bellum (though all 64 records will employ either ius or jus somewhere):

Some Library of Congress Subject Headings & Free-Floating Subdivisions

Here is a basic and highly preliminary list of terms that could be incorporated into searches of the (specifically) Subject field of the Library's discovery system.  You will come up with others, and with unofficial Keywords for the Any or Title fields as well, as you focus in on a topic: