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THEO 3250 King David (Koenig): Research Project Instructions


This is a supplement to Dr. Koenig's 2016 Research Project Instructions.  It is keyed to the numbered sections of that document.  Should you want to branch out beyond the parameters of the assignment (e.g. beyond the texts in "reception history" actually assigned), see Mr. Perisho for help.

The biblical texts on the syllabus are, in biblical order, the following:

  • 1 Sam 16-1 Kgs 11
  • 1 Chr 10-29
  • Pss 2-3, 18, 34, 51-52, 54, 56-57, 59-60, 72, 89, 132
  • Isa 7-11
  • Ezk 34
  • Mat 1

II.a.i., BDB

There is a printing of BDB keyed to the Strong numbering system used by the Blue Letter Bible.  It is located in the Reference collection of the Library at REF PJ4833 .B68 2010.


A few aids to determining if "your text [is] referenced elsewhere in the OT or NT" are listed at the links here supplied.

III.a.i., Josephus

The fifth column in the PDF document way below, the column labelled Josephus, should help you locate parallels in his Antiquities.  Note that it lists (vertically) three different kinds of indices.

As for the text of the Antiquities, go here (in print here or here).  To search the PACE Josephus, go to the upper right hand corner here

and then select the texts and versions you wish to search:

Note that the Greek text, too, can be searched.  Use a website like Type to construct the Greek, and then copy and paste, selecting Strip diacritical marks if you didn't include those.  (The standard Complete concordance to Flavius Josephus is at REF PA4224 .R4 2002.)

III.a.ii., Miqrāʼôt gĕdôlôt

 Dr. Koenig has placed the following volumes in the Judaica Press series Miqrāʼôt gĕdôlôt | Mikraoth Gedoloth on Reserve:

  • 1 Samuel (Course Reserves BS1323 .R67 1980),
  • 2 Samuel (Course Reserves BS1323 .R67 1980), and
  • Ezekiel (Course Reserves BS1543 .R67 1991).

The following remain in the General Collection:

III.b.i., Ancient Christian Commentary

The relevant volumes of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture are located in the Reference collection of the Library at REF BS1151.2 .A53, and are vols.

  • 4: 1-2 Samuel,
  • 5:  1 Kings-1 Chronicles,
  • 7-8:  Psalms,
  • 10:  Isaiah 1-39, and 
  • 13:   Ezekiel.

Copies of a few of these may also be available for checkout in the General Collection.

The following vols. in the parallel series entitled Reformation Commentary on Scripture (REF BS491.3 .R44) are also available:

  • 7:  Pss 1-72 (on its way), and
  • 12:  Ezekiel.

III.b.ii., Luther, Calvin, or Wesley


  • "Scripture Index" and "Names, Subjects, and Literature Index" in the Index volume (vol. 55) of Luther's Works, in the Reference Collection of the Library, at (General Collection and) REF BR330 .E5 1955 Index.  This should be supplemented by a consultation of the indices to each individual volume of the New Series (vols. [56] and following) in the General Collection, at BR330 .E5 1955.  (Needless to say, the indices to the Weimarer Ausgabe will be more comprehensive, but definitely overkill in this case.)



    • "Index of Scriptural References" and "General Index" in the various volumes of the Bicentennial Edition (in progress), at BX8217 .W5 1984.

    III.b.iii., Clarke, Henry, or Gill



    • Exposition of the Old and New Testament (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1980 [London:  1746-1766]).  BS490 .G5 1980.  


    III.d., Other Genres

    See Mr. Perisho for help with this exceptionally broad category.

    III.e., Contemporary Commentaries

    Search the Advanced Search area of the SPU discovery system as follows:  commentaries in subject AND [biblical book] (e.g. "Samuel, 1st") in subject.  Add also keywords from one of the commentary series specified by Dr. Koenig, as in the third search box ("anchor bible" in Any), if you like.  Change the Search Scope to SPU Library + Summmit and Sign in to see any requestable commentaries not held by SPU: