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SMC Books: Home

SMCs may check out a box of books to use for a book club with their floor. This guide explains how to find the SMC books and includes reviews of the books by SMCs and their book club members.

How do I check out a box of books?

  • Ask at the Circulation Desk for the container that you want. For example, SMC Box 1. The staff member will retrieve the box from a locked storage room on the Lower Level.
  • The SPU Library will check the containers out to individual SMCs. The container will be listed on the individual SMC’s library record.
  • Each container will be due after 84 days or the end of the quarter.
  • The individual books are the responsibility of the SMC. The SPU Library will not issue notices to individual students who signed out the books within the containers.
  • The SPU Library will issue an overdue notice to the SMC for the container.

How do I know what books there are?

1. On the Library's homepage, type "smc books" into the search box.

Hit return or click the search icon.

Search smc books



2. Click on "Student Ministry Coordinator program books"


search result for S M C books



3. Scroll through to see the available titles.  Find the box number for the title you want.

(Note that there are ten titles per page in the "Get It" window)


record for s m c books