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Feminist Theologians: African-American/Womanist

A VERY INCOMPLETE AND EXTREMELY AD HOC WORKING list of feminist theologians designed for the SOLE purpose of directing beginners to SELECTED authors.


Womanist theology isn't just a keyphrase; it is also an established Library of Congress Subject Heading.  Click on the images below to see how to run that one LCSH search in both the Library's discovery system and the ATLA Religion Database (where the image reproduced derives from that database's Thesaurus):


Or search by Author (below).  For an example, see under Townes, Emilie Maureen.

Baker-Fletcher, Karen

Cannon, Katie Geneva

Coleman, Monica

Copeland, M. Shawn

Crampon, Stephanie M.

Crawford, A. Elaine Brown

Crowder, Stephanie R. Buckhanon

Darden, Lynn St. Clair

Dickerson, Febbie C.

Douglas, Kelly Brown

Gafney, Wil

Gilkes, Cheryl Townsend

Grant, Jacquelyn

Hayes, Diana

Junior, Nysha

Lightest, Pamela R.

Martin, Clarice J.

Mitchem, Stephanie Y.

Norton, Yolanda

Oduyoye, Mercy

Phelps, Jamie T.

Pierce, Yolanda

Riggs, Marcia

Russaw, Kimberly Dawn

Sims, Angela D.

Smith, Mitzi J.

Terrell, JoAnne Marie

Thomas, Linda E.

Townes, Emilie Maureen

Turman, Eboni Marshall

Weems, Renita

Williams, Delores S.