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FCS 3710: Housing and Community: Get Started

Guide to Finding Sources for Research Paper

Assignment (from Dr. Hartje's handout)

In its final format – the paper is a persuasive, informative research essay written to inform your peers and others who know relatively little about the current crisis of affordable housing. 

Question Mark Some of the issues you will be addressing:

  • The importance of all people being housed – to individuals, families and communities
  • Affordable housing
  • What is affordable housing?
    • In general, why there is a shortage of affordable housing units (affordable for people earning in the low- to moderate-income categories; housing for people earning 30 – 80% of AMI for a geographic region; and for rental property);
    • For a specific geographic area (city, county, state – WA) the type and number of housing units that are short
    •  The basic approaches to increasing affordable housing and what your geographic area is doing to increase affordable housing units
  • An application of how the issue is being addressed in a local community (city, county or WA state)
  • The necessity of government involvement, political will and the role of citizens in advocating for housing for all.  

BooksResources for the Paper:

  • Most resources should be current (published since 2014).
  • Eight (8) different sources are required, with the following stipulations:
    • A maximum of two sources can be newspaper articles 
    • On-line sources must be .org, .gov or .edu; but not .com (.com references can be used as part of an introductory story, example, etc.)
    • A minimum of one academic journal article and one book reference (not the text)


References (at the end of each question or at the end of all the questions)

  • For in-text citations and references (every in-text citation needs to be in the reference list; and every item in the reference list needs to be cited in the text)
  • use APA format
  • single space within and double space between references
  • the title for this section is References and it is on its own page