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ENG 2225: Literary Interpretation - Middeljans: Basics of Literary Research

Subject Guide Learning Outcomes

-Students will be able to identify sources useful for preliminary research in order to explore the specific elements of literature topics.
-Students will be able to locate books that provide background information as well as in-depth information and discussions for their literary research.
-Students will learn how to use certain databases to find literary criticism.

Sample Reference Books (Main Level of the Library- Use these books in the Library; make copies/scans)

Research guides, encyclopedias, concordances, chronologies, dictionaries, bibliographies such as these can provide important, credible, scholarly foundational information on authors and their works.

This list exemplifies the types of materials at the SPU Library for many authors, styles, time periods, and theories. Please consult the library catalog or a librarian to find exactly what you need!

Special Resource