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BIO 2103 General Biology - Botany, Evolutionary Mechanisms, and Ecology: Get Started

Subject Librarian


Assignment Objectives:

  1. Recognize the links between your personal area of interest in biology and botany, ecology or evolution by finding two (or more if you need to use interlibrary loan) article citations that relate to your interests in biology and a topic considered in BIO 2103.
  2. Improve your skills in literature searching by comparing three SPU library databases using advanced search techniques including Boolean operators (e.g. AND; OR), truncation symbols and other search approaches to construct the optimal search for your topic in each database.


  1. As part of a small group, deeply investigate one of the 5 databases provided by the SPU library for researching biology topics and share this information with the class.
  2. Search at least 3 of theses databases for research articles on your topic, keeping track of the search terms you used (and any special features you tried)
  3. Find two article citations that relate to your specific area of interest in biology and a topic considered in BIO 2103 (botany, ecology, or evolution)

The articles you find must include the following features:

  • be on the same general topic
  • the topic must be from the approved list or be accepted by Carrie Fry
  • be related to botany, ecology, or evolution AND related to your specific area of interest in biology
  • come from a journal that is sub-discipline of biology
    • not a broad journal such as Nature, Science, Scientific American, PLOS One, etc.
    • nor from another discipline such as American Biology Teacher, which is primarily for the education discipline
  • be either a review or research article, not a news item, book review, etc.

Biology Databases at SPU