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BIO 2102 General Biology - Animal Biology: Get Started

Guide to help students find resources for the Scientific Literature Report.


Assignment Objectives:

  1. Clarify the differences between popular literature and primary scientific literature
  2. Gain experience with tools that are used to search the literature, particularly primary scientific sources.

Assignment steps:

  1. Locate an article in a newspaper, newsmagazine, popular science magazine, blog, or another form of popular literature that relates in some way to animal biology and presents some scientific informaiton, perferably idenfiying a specific scientific journal article. (Be sure that you have selected a blog post or article, NOT a press release.)
  2. Locate the article in the primary scientific literature upon which the popular article is based.

Find a Popular Science Article

Here are a few starting places for finding your popular science article.

Remember: Science Daily, publisher/univeristy press releases, and reviews published in science journals are NOT acceptable popular science articles.

Find the Scientific Article